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May 14 2009

Perception is a mirror, not a fact. acim

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This quote has helped me to understand…myself as well as my family, friends, coworkers and my clients. Understanding is the one of the steps we all need to take to restore sanity to ourselves when we are faced with an insane situation.


What is an insane situation? (remember, no facts here, just perception) The answer to this question varies from person to person and from experience to experience.


The examples are so numerous that they are competing (in my mind) to be included in this brief writing. So I will start with a “solid “ example, one that may be known to many parents.


The sick baby


A sick baby, as a young first time mother, was an opportunity for panic and fear, an insane situation in my book of perceptions.


What do I do? Call the doctor, wait, and call a friend or the sometimes-frightening call my mother?


Today, as a woman of grandmother age, it is an opportunity to listen, to comfort, to wait and watch with confidence and amazement as the baby’s body heals. Thank goodness for the experiences of earlier days and the sanity those experiences bring.


In psychotherapy, awareness, self-knowledge, understanding and forgiveness are keys to changing our perception…that in turn changes our experience.


Often, we see examples of this in couples or relationship therapy as well as our own lives.


The troubled relationship


Why won’t he just…. or everything would be fine if she would… We all wish for the answers to these questions and often believe we have the perfect solution for another person.


The answer to these questions always goes back to perception. How do you see your world based on your experience? How do they see theirs? And where do these worlds connect?


Experience and values grow from our earliest years and they are often the unconscious directors in our lives. Awareness of these components gives us freedom to choose the life we really want.

The answer



What are your perceptions? Are you treating them like facts?


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