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Oct 19 2009

Sexuality and Addiction

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When I was growing up, I never even dreamed these two words could or would end up in the same sentence. But they have, and frankly it is quite scary.

Internet porn has been dubbed the crack cocaine of pornography and that certainly seems to be true. It is hard to admit you have a problem even if you have had legal consequences and it is very difficult to stop this behavior.

What may have begun as simple curiosity (especially with teens) can become a way of life which alienates you from your “real” relationships. That includes family  members as well as romantic partners and even co-workers or friends at school.

When teens dabble in this area, their immature brains do not handle the stimulus well and they may be “corrupting their love map and arousal template”.

This is a set-up for a lifetime of hurt and unhappiness.

Monitor your kids’ (both genders) internet use just as you do their opportunities for drug use. The symptoms for these addictions can be similar and the use of drugs and porn together is not uncommon. They  reinforce each other and make recovery even more difficult.

The consequences are different today… sexual exploration can lead to criminal charges which are difficult to leave behind when maturity arrives!

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Aug 17 2009

A Witness to Healing

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Have you ever loved someone… someone who was arrested or spent time in a jail o a prison?

This is becoming more common today and yet most of us are unprepared for this challenge in life.  The experience itself can feel like a death as the grieving process begins.

Grief includes anger, guilt and denial. But this grief is one with few support systems in place. There are no rituals to mark the passage of a dream, no circle of people who understand and are available to carry you forward. Instead this grief is surrounded by shame and forces many people into isolation and depression.

This guilt and fear can destroy your life as you watch the life of one you love crumble. Don’t let it! Join us on August 26, 2009 at 6:30pm to hear the story of  Travis Vining. 

He will share his experiences with his father who is currently on Florida’s death row. You may be surprised by his story and you will definitely be moved towards your own healing by his words.

For more information or to save a seat, call 407-415-3661 or email



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Jul 30 2009

Twelve Steps to Peace

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Reaching for help

Reaching for help

The Anonymous programs have done more to heal America than any other modern movement. They offer a place where we can experience honesty and integrity without judgement.

These groups have successfully tackled problems that have haunted humans throughout recorded history. And although they are most famous for the the healing opportunities they bring addicts of all types they are also responsible for offering hope to those of us who love the addict.

Parents, children, brothers, sisters and extended family have sought the comfort of these groups. In the family groups we learn to apply spiritual solutions to previous hopeless situations that have tormented our lives.

The words I am using are strong…haunt, torment, solution and spiritual and they are accurate. If they resonant with you and you have yet to experience the peace of which I speak, find a group and attend.

Go to at least two different groups (they have personalities just like people) and attend at least six sessions…yes even on the days you don’t want to go. Even if your mind does not want to listen, take your spirit and be willing to see what happens!

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