May 29 2009

Comprehensive SEX Education

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Yesterday, I heard the news, no more money for Abstinence Education. Instead we will focus on Comprehensive Sex Education…yeah! As a Clinical Sexologist ( a sex therapist/counselor) the news is exciting.

 There’s only one problem, no matter how many “facts” we teach, the teen pregnancy rate may not go down and sexual activity certainly will not go down. The biological brain(not the mind) and our  built in sex drive  just doesn’t respond to reason or facts.

Please don’t misunderstand, I support sex education and in fact am a teacher and counselor of healthy sexuality. And this is not a new interest, it has been my passion for 30 years. I am painfully aware of the number of teen pregnancies and the sorrow that this situation can bring for all members of a family and dedicated to changing our statistics. *

What I am saying, is that we are just beginning to understand sexuality and it’s connection to the brain. What we have confirmed is that the brain is the largest sex organ we have, and it is very powerful. Both hunger and sexual desire are primitive drives, designed to keep us alive and to make it probable that we will multiply. Given that information…what can we do?

Learn, listen, teach, encourage, support, and question our children.

LEARN about healthy human sexuality… what needs to happen in a relationship in order to assure that  both partners are respected. Healthy is always safe, what is required for “safe sex”. (Condoms are not the whole answer)

LISTEN to your children, your parents, but most of all yourself. How do you want your sexual partner to treat you…is that what you want for your children?

TEACH the facts…(you may need a refresher course, let me know) and gear the information to the age of the person you are teaching. ALSO teach VALUES!

ENCOURAGE  awareness in others. What do you hear and see in the media? What is it teaching you? Do the messages support respect of others and of yourself?

SUPPORT others who are teaching, as they may be protecting your children.

QUESTION the media’s teachings, the use of the computers in your home and your children. Softly, inquire about their hopes and dreams so that they will know that you are available to support their inquiries.

Most of all question yourself. Are you passing your values by your actions, on to your children. Trust your heart and prepare your mind. Sexuality  and it’s outcomes are to important to entrust to government programs.

*  in my practice, the children of  single parents often

 show up for counseling, with sexual and relationship problems of their own


Visit our website for more information or call 407-323-9961 to make an appointment or to talk about a teaching event  for your group.

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