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Jul 30 2009

Twelve Steps to Peace

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Reaching for help

Reaching for help

The Anonymous programs have done more to heal America than any other modern movement. They offer a place where we can experience honesty and integrity without judgement.

These groups have successfully tackled problems that have haunted humans throughout recorded history. And although they are most famous for the the healing opportunities they bring addicts of all types they are also responsible for offering hope to those of us who love the addict.

Parents, children, brothers, sisters and extended family have sought the comfort of these groups. In the family groups we learn to apply spiritual solutions to previous hopeless situations that have tormented our lives.

The words I am using are strong…haunt, torment, solution and spiritual and they are accurate. If they resonant with you and you have yet to experience the peace of which I speak, find a group and attend.

Go to at least two different groups (they have personalities just like people) and attend at least six sessions…yes even on the days you don’t want to go. Even if your mind does not want to listen, take your spirit and be willing to see what happens!

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