Oct 19 2009

Sexuality and Addiction

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When I was growing up, I never even dreamed these two words could or would end up in the same sentence. But they have, and frankly it is quite scary.

Internet porn has been dubbed the crack cocaine of pornography and that certainly seems to be true. It is hard to admit you have a problem even if you have had legal consequences and it is very difficult to stop this behavior.

What may have begun as simple curiosity (especially with teens) can become a way of life which alienates you from your “real” relationships. That includes family ¬†members as well as romantic partners and even co-workers or friends at school.

When teens dabble in this area, their immature brains do not handle the stimulus well and they may be “corrupting their love map and arousal template”.

This is a set-up for a lifetime of hurt and unhappiness.

Monitor your kids’ (both genders) internet use just as you do their opportunities for drug use. The symptoms for these addictions can be similar and the use of drugs and porn together is not uncommon. They ¬†reinforce each other and make recovery even more difficult.

The consequences are different today… sexual exploration can lead to criminal charges which are difficult to leave behind when maturity arrives!

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