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Doula Services
Birth and Postpartum

Doula-  One who mothers the mother

Birth Doulas are trained as professionals to facilitate couples through the birth process. They assist in this rite of passage by being available to teach and support mothers in the last trimester of their pregnancy. Doulas are present during labor and birth and provide emotional support, comfort measures and education to both parents.

Studies have shown that woman who use Doula services experience:

  • 36% reduction in the use of pain medication/epidural      
  • 51% reduction in C- Sections
  • 71% reduction the use of Pitocin
  • 57% reduction in Forceps use 

On average, Birth Doulas shorten labor by 1 hour and 38 minutes.

Sherri Worthington CCE, CLD
Certified Childbirth Educator
Certified Labor Doula


Childbirth Education Classes

  • “I’m a Little Bit Pregnant
  • Childbirth and Deliver Me
  • Comfort Measures
  • Cesarean   Awareness

I'm a little bit pregnant
Early pregnancy is the ideal time to learn about your choices and began the habit of " good self care". This will lay the foundation for your birth plan.
4 hours- $125.00

Childbirth and Deliver Me
This eight week class meets once a week and is interactive (that way you can move around). We keep the class small so that you can be comfortable physically and emotionally. Your partner is welcome, indeed encouraged to attend!
8 weeks- $275.00

Support/ Comfort  Measures
This class provides a" Refresher" for moms and dads who are expecting #2, #3 or even # 4.
3 hours- $125.00
Cesarean Awareness
Just in case…this class will help educate you regardless of whether you have a planned cesarean section are trying for a VBAC or are a high-risk pregnancy.

Motherhood 101
It is never too early to beginto learn about parenting and meetingthe basic needs of our children. Join with other women as we explore this territory in an atmosphere of laughter and acceptance.


Child Birth Education/ Doula Services



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