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         Psyche from the Greek word meaning breath, spirit, soul or mind

         Therapy from the Greek word meaning healing

Psychotherapy is indeed “care of the soul,” and we use this term to remind us, as therapists and clients, that this is the goal of our work. There are many schools of thought, many theories, and many beliefs about what heals the soul.

It is important, for you, as the consumer, to discern which type of therapy is best for you. This means that you take responsibility for your health and that you educate yourself about the options available.

Interview therapists (make an appointment); ask them about their theoretical background and look for a “goodness of fit.” Research, over many years, indicates that a positive outcome of therapy hinges on the rapport and relationship between the client and the therapist.

Look for that feeling of trust and the ability of the practitioner to listen without judgment, confront thinking errors, and empower you to move forward in your life.


Psychotherapy Services

Individual Session
25 minutes
45-50 minutes

Couples Session
45-50 minutes
90 minutes

Family Session
45-50 minutes
90 minutes
(longer sessions can be scheduled according to the size of the family
or the distance traveled)

Group Session
90 minutes
(time allotments depend on the type of group and the size of the group)


We work by appointment only, but our hours are flexible. Contact us for an appointment, we will find a time that works!


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Psycho-educational Services

Forensic Services