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These are small groups that are time limited (6 to 12 weeks) and meet once a week. They offer an opportunity to explore new ideas and share your thoughts with others.

It is a great way to meet people who like to learn and share similar interests while increasing your own knowledge and self-awareness. Costs vary according to therapist or teacher and payment is due at registration.


Current Groups Offered for Women


Motherhood 101

An exploration of your development as a mother and person not you’re parenting. Here, you can identify your beliefs and hopes for your children, yourself and your family as a whole.

This awareness allows you to avoid some of the pitfalls we all face and to heal some of your own disappointments that follow each of us to motherhood. (Mothers of all age children are welcome).


Who am I? (and why am I here?)

In times of transition we ask these questions. If your role as… wife, mother, daughter, lover or employee has ended or changed, confusion or feelings of loss can be present.

At other times in adult development, we face these questions as part of our quest to redefine our lives or to live more honestly as “ourselves”.

Whenever this happens, gifts abound, and our job is to find them, understand them and use them to enhance our journey. Laughter is mandatory!


I’m a little bit pregnant”*

No you’re not!!!  Even though people may not notice the new life you are carrying, you are VERY pregnant and the most important time is now.

You’re baby’s brain is developing rapidly and you shape that development through your activities, nutrition, thoughts, hopes, dreams and yes, even your worries.

Whether this is your first or fifth baby…it is new and it is precious. This class will teach you how to honor both of your lives.

see the childbirth Doula page for more classes



Take this opportunity to relearn the fine art of play.  The process of art is used to learn about ourselves. Each group is different and directed by the interests of the participants.

Artistic skill is not needed and can even get in the way (just ask a “real” artist). This class is offered as a workshop or an ongoing class. An interview is done with each client prior to class participation in order to offer the best possible experience for all.

The process of playing with color, shapes and textures can reveal parts of ourselves that we had forgotten or have not yet discovered.


And on a deeper…more immediate and more psychotherapeutic level…


Why am I so angry?

A group for women because we handle our anger differently than men but our anger can be just as destructive in our relationships. Many women have attended this group over the years and so it has been re-named by them as the WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT group.

This is a 12-week class and requires an assessment prior to entry. The topics included are the power and control wheel, abuse cycles, and safety issues. In addition, we cover brain development and function.

Each woman has an opportunity to tell her story and seek input from others in the group. We provide education, support and resources designed to move you towards a more peaceful life for yourself and those you love.


Sex and Love Addiction

This type of process (non-chemical) addiction has be discussed and researched in professional circles for over 20 years. Escape from Intimacy by Anne Wilson Schaef was one of the first accounts written about women and the variety of intimacy challenges we face. Regardless of the label, these “addictions” allow use to avoid close, loving and honest relationships.

In this group we will learn about the chemistry of love and attraction as well as the evolution of sexuality. Gender studies help us to understand the gaps we may experience as we try to connect to men in romantic ways. Once again self-knowledge and compassion are keys to contentment.


For Professionals


The Sexual Lives of Children

Child and Sex, two scary words when they are in the same sentence. The truth is…that children are sexual beings and that sexuality does not turn on at age eighteen or at marriage.
As parents, we have an important task, to understand and respect our own sexuality so that we can teach our children to respect themselves and others.

The school can’t do that and indeed education begins at birth-not kindergarten. If you don’t teach your child healthy sexuality and boundaries some one else will and you may not like what they teach.

We don’t have control over our children but we do have the opportunity to teach safety and respect for themselves and others. Take that opportunity, they grow quickly.


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