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This area of our lives, more than many others, can leave us with feelings of hurt and confusion. Our sexual behavior is important as it is one of the ways that we bond to our love partner as well as a template for teaching our own children sexual respect.

It seems that “sex” has become very complicated in our culture. We have religious and social rules and mores that guide our behavior. Recently, we have had an explosion of new laws to “govern” our behavior as well as conflicting messages from the media.

New laws have made some positive changes that help to make our community more safe. They have also had unintended consequences such as confusion about normal human sexual development which have made our lives and those of our children less safe.

Just for clarity…


Sex – male, female, gender

Sexual Behavior – actions that we take which involve the sexual organs and minds of ourselves and others; can be legal or illegal.

Sexology- the study of sex and the interactions of the sexes especially amoung human beings.

Sex Therapy- the treatment of sexual dysfunction or disorders using psychotherapy, counseling, and cognitive restructuring and medical referral.


Sex Addict- someone who has lost control of his/her sexual behavior and/or thoughts to the point that these actions interfere with his/her ability to function in daily activities (school, work, family and community).

Treatment for Sexual Addictions
Sex addicts have freedom (unlike sex offenders) in choosing their therapists and treatment modalities. Lessons from the study of both populations indicate that group therapy, family support, and involvement as well as working a 12-step program can lead to a better quality of life. Individual and couple therapy allows clients to work deeply on issues of neglect and trauma, which can be precursors sexual (or any) addiction.

We use the extensive research and recommendations of Dr. Patrick Carnes and recommend his book Out of the Shadows, as a primary reader to educate a person who may have these issues or love someone who does. In addition, a sexual development inventory is available to clarify areas of concern and assist in treatment planning.


Sex Offender – someone who has become involved in the legal system due to sexual activities, which are illegal under state or federal laws.

Treatment for Sex Offenders
Sex Specific Therapy – Assessment and evaluation of a client to discern sexual issues and proclivities is used with clients who may have an interest in sex with children. We use the best practices as proscribed by the Association for the Treatment of Sex Offenders (ATSA), and we use measurable, well-researched testing to complete psychosexual evaluations. We are also able to complete risk assessments and safety plans which are sometimes used as forensic tools. Testing is an essential part of this treatment in order to establish a baseline, which is used to measure progress.

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